Boca Russian Market is a unique food store, with a small sitting area that will let you eat the food if you cannot wait to make it home.

The deli counter, which surrounded by constantly moving staff, always in the midst of slicing or stuffing, provides much in the way of culinary enjoyment. Most everything in these counters is traditionally made. Meats and sausages provide a smoky, delicious peek into the Old Country. The dairy products are deliciously unique and fresh, and the pastries are a treat. A tremendous selection of authentic Eastern European food presents several excellent options to bring home.

Boca Russian Market is authentic, tasty, and not unaffordable. If you are looking to host an exceptionally authentic party, the selection of cooking supplies, breads, cheeses, candies, and beverages will not disappoint.

Whether you are looking for a traditional European delicacy or merely an interesting alternative to Safeway, Boca Russian Market will not disappoint and should not be ignored.